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Frequently Asked Questions

Why go with Fast Tints Miami?2023-08-16T06:13:19-05:00

Fast Tints Miami™: Over 40 years of expertise, offering on-site window tinting for auto, marine, homes, and commercial. On top of that, our service offers a fast and reliable installation.

What are the benefits of UV-blocking tinted windows for homes?2023-08-14T06:18:35-05:00

Tinted windows shield your family from harmful UV rays, preventing skin damage and furniture fading, preserving indoor quality and appearance.

How does window tinting enhance privacy and security?2023-08-14T06:18:44-05:00

Tinted windows add privacy, making it harder for outsiders to see in, enhancing comfort and deterring potential intruders.

How does window tinting contribute to energy savings and aesthetics for businesses?2023-08-14T06:18:57-05:00

Tinted windows regulate indoor temperatures, reducing energy usage and costs, while adding a modern, appealing touch to commercial spaces.

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